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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hope for Paws, Dog Rescue...Buy a Book, Save a Dog's Life!

I just discovered this amazing dog rescue group called Hope for Paws and wanted to share the link with you and encourage you to buy the book above which is available by clicking the link to the right or here. 100% of the profits of the book go toward saving homeless animals. This group really touches my heart as both of our dogs were rescued from the streets of Cairns in Australia by my husband. Taffy, our New Zealand Huntaway/Kelpie literally showed up on my husband's front door in the pouring rain, every rib showing...please, if you have $9.95, buy this book! You will literally be saving a life! God bless!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Westie Portrait Paintings in Oil...the beginning of a Trio

So, after a short hiatus from painting precious pups, I have returned today to start a trio of Westie paintings. The first is a commission of an adorable Westie named affectionately as 'Boo,' lounging in her parent's chair at home. The second is a portrait I am doing for the winner of a charity auction for Westie Rescue of OC & Beyond. And the third is being done for the winner of a photo contest that helped raise funds for River City Westies Rescue. These are all just initial rough sketches, I will soon begin blocking in color and then finish with the fine details. I am actually in the middle of packing and cleaning as we are moving in about 8 days, but once we are finally settled I will be getting back to the easel to finish these portraits as well as a large Westie portrait I started a few weeks ago. So wish me luck that I get everything done and check back in a few days!:o)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Golden Retriever Painting in Oil by Lara Harris

4"x6" oil on primed canvas, 
(flickr id:Diana&Gogo,with permission)

This is a small piece I finished of an adorable Golden named Gogo. I'm finding it a challenge to get enough detail into smaller pieces, this being 4"x6", but I'm hoping that I achieved at least a good likeness to Gogo. This is what Diana wrote about her beloved Gogo:

"I'm Diana. I live at Medan, Indonesia. I have one golden retriever name Gogo. He will be 6 years old at July 2009. I love him so much... he has bring so much joy to my family!"

If you would like to have your dog become part of my Painting a Pup a Day project, drop me an email!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Radio, 4 Month Old (Blind) Golden Retriever Puppy Doing GRREAT!

Just received a final update on little Radio, the 4 month old (blind) Golden Retriever Puppy who fought and won! his battle against the deadly Parvo virus! I think the photo above says it all, but here is a snipet from Carol at Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue...

Just a quick note to let you all know that Radio is thriving
with Bill and AnnMarie. He's acting like a normal, happy puppy
and now has a bright, healthy future!
Thank you everyone for your kind wishes,
prayers, and financial support.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on Radio, 4 Month Old (Blind) Golden Retriever...

Quick update on little Radio, the Golden pup who has been in a battle for his life against the Parvo Virus! GRREAT news!It looks like he has won the battle!! Here is an email from Carol at Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue:

Just a quick update - our little Radio did leave the hospital today and is now living in his foster home (thanks Bill and AnnMarie).
I am happy to report that he was doing well on his trip home, and I look forward to sharing updates with you.
Thank you - everyone - for the prayers and financial support.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers & support, they truly made all the difference!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vintage Heels (Remix in Progress)...

Do not adjust your screen, after much himing and hawing I just felt that the piece above was just not working...I loved the idea but on a 5"x7" canvas it was too much to take on, it just didn't feel right when I finished it...so I have decided to revamp this piece. I've painted over the little girl shoes and will be adding some small, yet well placed trinkets in the empty space and will relist this piece on my new blog, A Vintage Touch, and Etsy. So stay tuned!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A New Journey Begins!...New Store on Etsy!

Well I finally closed my doors on ebay the other day and will now be selling my work primarily on Etsy. There just have been too many changes in the past couple years on ebay and after 3 years or so I have decided to bid ebay adieu and join my fellow artists on etsy. I will also be getting back to doing some still life pieces and Master portrait studies along with my Painting a Pup a Day project...I have to take a break from painting pups from time to time or I go a little batty...So, I hope you will enjoy following my new journey selling on etsy...it certainly was a pleasant surprise to see a couple sales already! A great welcome to a wonderfully creative and inspiring site! My new blog is called A Vintage Touch which you can find here: http://avintagetouch.blogspot.com/

Some Good News to Report on Radio!

Just wanted to share an email from the director of Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue concerning Radio, the little 4 month old Golden pup fighting for his life battling the parvo virus:

Hi Everyone:
I've got good news! Radio's condition has improved. He is actually eating - small amounts of special food - and keeping it down. And, today, he is acting more like a puppy - - - - - has some of his energy back.
He's not out of the woods - but his prognosis is much improved from last night.
Thank you for the prayers and support. Please don't stop now.
The earliest we will pick him up to come home will be after the weekend. He has a foster home waiting for him - - - - - I will keep everyone updated - - - - - - - - - - -
THANK YOU - all of you (Carol)- - - - - - (And, Radio thanks you, too)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Urgent Request for Prayers & Assistance for Radio (Golden Retriever born blind)

Just received this email from the director at Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue about 'Radio,' a little 4 month old puppy they are currently caring for who is blind and now in the fight of his life:

This is a very special update - because it involves a very special puppy, Radio. Radio was born blind, and with a stubby little crooked tail. His owner held him until he was 13 weeks old, then sent him to us. He is one of the sweetest puppies on this earth - - - - - - - -

Within 2 days, it was obvious that something was wrong with Radio. He was still a boundless ball of energy, but he was slow to eat and his stools were not "normal". Last Sunday night, he refused his dinner until very late. Monday, I was on the road to our veterinarian's hospital with him - at 6 am - and I left him there for the doctor's to observe and treat his loss of appetite.

Monday evening, he took a downward turn, that has not stopped. He has lapsed into what the doctor's think is now severe parvovirus - and he is fighting for his life. We have no idea how or where he contracted it - - - or if it is secondary to an unknown medical condition. We do know, he was exposed and came to us after exposure - - -

Everyone, please take a few minutes today to send prayers for Radio. I'm not usually an outwardly religious person, but this poor puppy needs your good thoughts and prayers - - - - - - - I plan to ask the doctor's to continue treatment until he either improves - or his chances of recovery become hopeless.

I don't even want to think what his hospital bill will be - either way. If you have a few dollars to spare, we sure could use them now. I will not stop fighting for this puppy's life - - - - - - - I can't. Please help us to help him - - - - - - -

If there is anything you can do to help this situation please do not hesitate to contact Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue...and if nothing else, please keep this little guy in your prayers!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pug Portrait Painting in Oil, "Ferris," Painting a Pup a Day

"Ferris," 8"x10" oil on stretched canvas (nfs)

This is a piece I struggled with in the beginning, but absolutely fell in love with by the end! I think all the wrinkles seemed a bit intimidating, but once I plunged in and started to look at everything in terms of shape and color it all seemed to come together. I found that Pugs also have quite an interesting color to their fur, so I played around a bit with various shades of umber mixed with white and a touch of cream. I'm really pleased with how this piece turned out and especially because it is for a wonderful friend of mine, Tammi Kelts. I will need to replace the photo tomorrow as I ran out of sunlight today.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Beagle Portrait & Westie Portrait Painting in Oil by Lara Harris, Painting a Pup a Day

"Shilo," 4"x 6," oil on canvas panel 

"Max," 4"x6" oil on canvas panel 
I've been busy painting a number of commissions, including 'Max,' an adorable Westie from Virginia, but I was able to finish a small painting above of 'Shilo,' an adorable Beagle who is currently waiting for a forever home at Waggin Tails Dog Rescue here in Michigan. I was so touched by his photo and saddened to hear that his original family had to move and could not take him with them. I do not understand how someone could leave this little guy behind, whatever the case may be, heck my husband and I moved literally halfway around the world from Australia to Michigan and there was NO WAY we would've ever considered leaving our 2 dogs behind! If you can provide a loving home for Shilo please do not hesitate to contact Waggin Tails!