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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Westie Portrait Painting in Oil, Winner of Westie Rescue of OC & Beyond Charity Auction

(Westie of Rescue of OC & Beyond Charity Auction Winner,
8"x10" oil on stretched canvas,nfs)

With our recent move among other things, I fell a bit behind in commissions but was finally able to get this piece finished for the winner of the past Charity Picnic/Auction held by Westie Rescue of OC & Beyond. I wanted the focus to stay on the Westie in this piece so I made sure to keep the banister a bit of a muted shade of white such that the Westie would in many ways 'pop' out of the painting. I may replace the photo in the next day or two as it is quite windy here in Michigan and I don't want to risk taking this piece outside to photograph as it is still wet. If you would like to have a portrait done of your precious pup, drop me an email!

Monday, June 15, 2009

ART FRAUD on EBAY!! MY ART Has Been Stolen!

So, can you even believe that some creep in CHINA is trying to sell MY WORK, as well as other artists such as Philip Gladstone on ebay?? PLEASE be aware at HOW MUCH ART FRAUD is taking place on ebay!This is the very reason SOOOOO many artists have and continue to leave ebay!I had just listed a couple paintings this evening on ebay just to keep my name out there and was SHOCKED to see MY PAINTING above listed by thinking_shop2008 . I have contacted ebay and was told to fill out a form and report this person which I did, but something more needs to be done as these creeps will simply open up shop with a different name. It's a game these cons play...please RESEARCH the ARTIST before you buy...when in DOUBT ask several established ARTISTS what their opinion is of a 'so-called artist'. GOOGLE the artist....and as always if something looks a little too good to be true or fishy, chances are it is ART FRAUD!This seller has 38!! pages of paintings, is that not enough of a clue ebay???

**UPDATE:MY painting was finally removed by the seller (NOT ebay!)...I went and listed the exact SAME PAINTING as the image is MINE...take that CHINA!Pretty sad to see that the seller is STILL selling!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Westie & Vintage Leather Chair Portrait Painting in Oil

Westie & Vintage Leather Chair, 8"x10"
(SOLD,Private Commission)

As usual it is a beautiful cloudy day here in Michigan so I have not been able to get a good photo of this Westie portrait for the director of Westie Rescue of OC & Beyond...I know I should embrace the grey skies and somehow be thankful for them, but doggone it, it's supposed to be summer already!@#! Anyway, check back in the next day or two and hopefully the sun will cooperate and allow me to take a better photo. If you would like your precious pup's portrait painted feel free to drop me an email...I think it is a great way to celebrate your pup and for those who have lost their beloved furry friend, it is a great way to keep their memory alive! :o) **Update: Sun appeared, so I was able to get a better photo!Who-hoo!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Westie Portrait in Oil...Back at the Easel

(Westie Commissioned Portrait in Oil...In Progress)

Today was a good day, I'm starting to feel a bit better after my recent dental work and was able to get some more work done on this Westie commissioned portrait I started a few weeks ago. I actually have four Westie portraits that I'm working on...I'm thinking pretty soon I may just start to get type-cast as the 'Westie artist', not that I would mind, I really enjoy painting Westies :o) I don't actually own a Westie, my Godmother does, and I have done charity work for a number of Westie rescue groups, but my 2 dogs are not too fond of the smaller pups. I actually have a New Zealand Huntaway/Kelpie (Taffy) and a Yellow Lab/Stumpy-Tailed Red Heeler (Jedha). Both were rescued off the streets of Cairns in Australia by my Aussie husband. We had them flown to Michigan last July all the way from Sydney as we would never have dreamed of leaving them behind!Their blog is Aussie Dogs Up & Over~Jedha & Taffy's Adventures in America :o)