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Friday, April 29, 2011

Westie with Pink Spode Painting in OIL

This is a current commission I am working on of a Westie with Pink Spode. If you are interested in having a pet portrait done or a special custom piece of art, feel free to contact me! Commissions are always welcome.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Have Hope!. . .Taffy's Battle with Osteosarcoma

Back from the Oncologist and feeling SO hopeful! She injected Taffy's tumor with something called Neoplasene which is from a bloodroot plant. It will destroy the cancer cells and leave the good cells alone. Next week she will also implant some into the bone itself, where the cancer originated from. A dog that had worse bone cancer than Taffy survived by using this treatment! You can read the article here: Oral Cancer in Dogs So grateful to Dr. Greear and Advanced Veterinary Care Group for everything they have done in giving Taffy a fighting chance! :))
P.S. You can see how this stuff works here, it's kinda fascinating! : http://www.buckmountainbotanicals.net/pdf/clinical_guide.pdf 

Friday, April 15, 2011

In a Fight for His Life. . .

We met with the Oncologist & we are not going to do surgery, Taffy would lose 1/2 his face, but we are going to try some alternative medicine, supplements, possible chemo, & a real meat diet. If Taffy starts to show other symptoms and/or his pain increases then we know we will have to let him go...but right now we are going to try & give him a fighting chance. ♥
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not good news...

Devastated & heartbroken :(( Taffy has Osteosarcoma an aggressive bone cancer...we are meeting with the Oncologist tomorrow morning, but statistics show even with treatment the prognosis is only a year or less.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting a 2nd (3rd/4th?) Opinion on Taffy

Getting a 2nd (3rd/4th?) opinion tomorrow morning re. the lump under Taffy's eye...may go with an MRI vs. CT Scan...couldn't come sooner, Taffy bumped his eye into the door before his walk & let out a blood curdling yelp :(( ♥ ...this is where we are going tomorrow morning: http://www.advancedveterinarycare.net/index.asp please pray we get answers tomorrow...this thing continues to grow :(( Link to Taffy's ChipIn: http://helpussaveourdogtaffy.chipin.com/help-us-save-our-dog-taffy