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Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet Matthew Mead's Pup, "Oscar"

Oscar, 11"x 14", oil on canvas (nfs)

I just wanted to share some awesome news! I recently was commissioned to do a surprise painting for none other than interior designer/stylist/author/editor Matthew Mead! Linda MacDonald over at Restyled Home asked me to do a painting of his pup, Oscar, for him and his wife as they were coming to her home for a photo shoot as they are launching a new magazine soon called Flea Market Style! You can read more about it here. Linda will be sending me a photo soon of Matthew and his wife with my painting very soon! Just so thrilled to hear that they are pleased with how it turned out! It was a true pleasure...thank you Linda! :o)To have a portrait done of your precious pup feel free to contact me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Sammy," Golden Retriever Portrait Painting...and Sweet Story

Sammy, 5"x 7", oil on canvas panel,
10% to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue
(SOLD, thank you!)

Can I just say that one of the best things about painting other people's dogs, besides the actual painting itself, is in getting to know a little bit about their precious pups. I would like to share the sweet story of 'Sammy,' a Golden Retriever much loved(and missed) by his family in Canada :

Sam was given to us when he was four years old. According to his French previous owner, he was restless, scared of loud noises, chewed everything in sight, was untrainable and oh yeah - he may have been hit by a truck sometime in the past so he's scared of the road. The previous owner had to get rid of Sam because he actually belong to his sister, who was getting divorced, moving to an apartment, and could not reclaim her dog. For Sam that meant going to a shelter or find a new owner that didn't' mind his bad habits.

When we first went to look at Sam, he squirmed out of the house, ran up to us and jumped up on me covering me with mud. He was a big happy puppy as far as I knew, and we agreed to take him right away. Then we were told about the habits mentioned above. I didn't believe a word of it. And when we got him home, we didn't see any signs of misbehaving.

What we did see was a big gentle dog, that loved to play, swim in the river, tease the kittens, carry as many tennis balls as possible in his mouth (three), and chew the caps off of two-liter bottles. Sam seemed to know every trick before we taught them to him... we just had to find the French command words.

My favorite images of Sammy are:
  • The black and white female cat Oreo, holding his head in a vise like grip and licking him clean, He would try to move but she would reel him back in.
  • Our youngest daughter sitting with Sammy by the back door, her little arm over his big head, just chilling... he didn't move because he knew she would fall over if he did.
  • Holding him tight at the Canada Day fireworks. It was true that he was scared of loud noises, thunder, big trucks and fireworks, so I would hold him tight at fireworks. If I just held his leash he would drag me across the grass. The only way I could subdue him was to get all four of his feet off of the ground, and hold him there. I can't imagine what he could do if he was terrified or angry. After the fireworks I was a sweaty quivering wreck.

We miss Sammy. He was our home alarm, winter blanket, backyard friend. He died at 112 (in human years).
(*Photo used with permission, flickr id: Omega Man)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Sammy," Golden Retriever Portrait Painting

"Sammy," 5"x 7", oil on canvas panel
10% to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue

(SOLD, thank you!)

This is a portrait of a beloved Golden named "Sammy." I love the older Goldens, they remind me of our last Golden girl, Cassie. We said goodbye to her over 5 years ago but it seems just like yesterday. 10% will be donated to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue, a wonderful sanctuary for older Golden Retrievers and others. (photo used with permission: flickr id Omega Man) This piece may already be spoken for...if not it will be available later this week.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Bailey," Australian Cattle Dog Painting in Oil by Lara Harris

"Bailey," 5"x7" oil on canvas panel
10% will go to Heeling Hearts ACD Rescue
(SOLD, thank you!)

This is a gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog named Bailey...I absolutely LOVE the colors in a Cattle Dog's fur...it's one of God's masterpieces for sure!

Here is a little bit about Bailey:

We got Bailey 12 years ago from East Texas. She had been under a house that caught on fire. The mama dog pulled her out along with the rest of the pups too. She is well behaved, playful and makes us smile as she always has a smile on her face. She loves to cool her paws in the pool on hot Texas days. She is also the peacekeeper among our dogs (we have 3). She is very loyal and keeps a constant eye on our 9 year old twins whenever they play outside.
She is our Bailey aka Bay Bay and we love her very much!

If you are interested in having your dog's portrait done, feel free to contact me!
(*Photo used with permission, flickr id garzaville)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Dusty, the Australian Cattle Dog" Painting in Oil...& GRREAT News!

"Dusty," 5"x7", oil on canvas panel,
(SOLD,thank you!)
10% will go to Heeling Hearts ACD Rescue

This is a portrait of an adorable Australian Cattle Dog named "Dusty." I just loved this shot of her as it is so typical of so many dogs...to not only have a ball in the mouth, but one close by just in case! Our Taffy has 6 Ultra-Chuck It balls laying around the house and yard as he never can be without one of his precious balls. This is a little bit about "Dusty,":

Dusty turned 7 years old in May 2009, and she is just as much as stinker as when she was a puppy! She loves her sister Cheyenne, her mommy and daddy, going to the the park for walks, and stretching out on her back for a tummy rub. But her favorite thing is her tennis ball! She has one (or several!) with her almost all the time. Dusty is a tomboy - she's athletic, agile, and she puts on an amazing show jumping and twisting high in the air to catch her tennis ball. But she's also incredibly sweet, rubbing up against you and giving kisses when you least expect it. We love her very much and our little family just wouldn't be the same without her! (check out Dusty's parents' blog here :o)

If you would like to have your dog's portrait done feel free to contact me!
(*Photo used with permission, flickr id mollywoo)

**I thought I'd also let you in on an exciting secret!...well not all of it or I would be giving it away, but I am currently working on a special piece for an amazing designer/stylist! I won't be able to reveal who it is, or exactly what I am working on until after July 25th, but I am pretty excited to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to share my art with this person :o) So, stay tuned!

**ALSO! I didn't want to ever have to sell on ebay again, but I needed to clear some space in the studio so I have listed a few pieces on SALE here take a peek and see if something catches your fancy or feel free to pass the news along to friends and family! And thank you for supporting self-representing artists!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Have a Wonderful 4th, & Please, Remember Our Veterans...

Have a wonderful, family filled 4th of July and please take a moment to remember all those who have given their lives in order to keep this nation free...as well as those currently serving. My grandfather served in WWII as a Military Policeman in Normandy and was buried Wednesday with military honors...he was always so proud to have served our nation. And would you believe, during the service, as we sang the familiar hymn "Beyond the Sunset," an ever so slight ray of sunlight fell upon my song book and I believe that light was coming straight out of Heaven as I know my Grandpa would've been smiling down on us at that very moment.