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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Dusty, the Australian Cattle Dog" Painting in Oil...& GRREAT News!

"Dusty," 5"x7", oil on canvas panel,
(SOLD,thank you!)
10% will go to Heeling Hearts ACD Rescue

This is a portrait of an adorable Australian Cattle Dog named "Dusty." I just loved this shot of her as it is so typical of so many dogs...to not only have a ball in the mouth, but one close by just in case! Our Taffy has 6 Ultra-Chuck It balls laying around the house and yard as he never can be without one of his precious balls. This is a little bit about "Dusty,":

Dusty turned 7 years old in May 2009, and she is just as much as stinker as when she was a puppy! She loves her sister Cheyenne, her mommy and daddy, going to the the park for walks, and stretching out on her back for a tummy rub. But her favorite thing is her tennis ball! She has one (or several!) with her almost all the time. Dusty is a tomboy - she's athletic, agile, and she puts on an amazing show jumping and twisting high in the air to catch her tennis ball. But she's also incredibly sweet, rubbing up against you and giving kisses when you least expect it. We love her very much and our little family just wouldn't be the same without her! (check out Dusty's parents' blog here :o)

If you would like to have your dog's portrait done feel free to contact me!
(*Photo used with permission, flickr id mollywoo)

**I thought I'd also let you in on an exciting secret!...well not all of it or I would be giving it away, but I am currently working on a special piece for an amazing designer/stylist! I won't be able to reveal who it is, or exactly what I am working on until after July 25th, but I am pretty excited to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to share my art with this person :o) So, stay tuned!

**ALSO! I didn't want to ever have to sell on ebay again, but I needed to clear some space in the studio so I have listed a few pieces on SALE here take a peek and see if something catches your fancy or feel free to pass the news along to friends and family! And thank you for supporting self-representing artists!


  1. I love the painting.

    Congrats on the wonderful opportunity. =OD

  2. What an incredible portrait! You've captured this pup's perfect moment! I love the dog paintings you create, especially Luigi (looking up from the red/green/yellow-patterned carpet)! Your works are so special indeed!

  3. Thank you so much!I love painting Australian Cattle Dogs, they have such an interesting coat :o)

  4. You have so captured that dog lara, its so real, you are so talented I am off to add your blog button to my blog page. Have a great weekend :)

  5. Thank you so much :o) I do love painting pups!