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Monday, May 4, 2009

Pug Portrait Painting in Oil, "Ferris," Painting a Pup a Day

"Ferris," 8"x10" oil on stretched canvas (nfs)

This is a piece I struggled with in the beginning, but absolutely fell in love with by the end! I think all the wrinkles seemed a bit intimidating, but once I plunged in and started to look at everything in terms of shape and color it all seemed to come together. I found that Pugs also have quite an interesting color to their fur, so I played around a bit with various shades of umber mixed with white and a touch of cream. I'm really pleased with how this piece turned out and especially because it is for a wonderful friend of mine, Tammi Kelts. I will need to replace the photo tomorrow as I ran out of sunlight today.


  1. This is beautiful. All the details are awesome.

  2. Thank you so much!This was a lot of fun to paint and I'm glad I tried the bold background, I think it really makes the piece 'pop' as they say :o)

  3. Thanks for visiting and following my blog.
    So I found yours to. I like it here......you make such great art.
    A real artist......I'd like to see more from your so I will be back.
    Nice evening