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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Urgent Request for Prayers & Assistance for Radio (Golden Retriever born blind)

Just received this email from the director at Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue about 'Radio,' a little 4 month old puppy they are currently caring for who is blind and now in the fight of his life:

This is a very special update - because it involves a very special puppy, Radio. Radio was born blind, and with a stubby little crooked tail. His owner held him until he was 13 weeks old, then sent him to us. He is one of the sweetest puppies on this earth - - - - - - - -

Within 2 days, it was obvious that something was wrong with Radio. He was still a boundless ball of energy, but he was slow to eat and his stools were not "normal". Last Sunday night, he refused his dinner until very late. Monday, I was on the road to our veterinarian's hospital with him - at 6 am - and I left him there for the doctor's to observe and treat his loss of appetite.

Monday evening, he took a downward turn, that has not stopped. He has lapsed into what the doctor's think is now severe parvovirus - and he is fighting for his life. We have no idea how or where he contracted it - - - or if it is secondary to an unknown medical condition. We do know, he was exposed and came to us after exposure - - -

Everyone, please take a few minutes today to send prayers for Radio. I'm not usually an outwardly religious person, but this poor puppy needs your good thoughts and prayers - - - - - - - I plan to ask the doctor's to continue treatment until he either improves - or his chances of recovery become hopeless.

I don't even want to think what his hospital bill will be - either way. If you have a few dollars to spare, we sure could use them now. I will not stop fighting for this puppy's life - - - - - - - I can't. Please help us to help him - - - - - - -

If there is anything you can do to help this situation please do not hesitate to contact Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue...and if nothing else, please keep this little guy in your prayers!


  1. Thank you! He is doing a bit better today, but certainly not out of the woods, so please continue to hold this little fella in prayer!