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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Rainey", the Australian Cattle Dog

I wanted to share a portion of an email from Rainey's owner, Shelley Lampman, a very touching story of how Rainey became a member of their pack :o)

"Rainey is our fourth Australian Cattle Dog - we're a little crazy about them We adopted her from Heeling Hearts Australian Cattle Dog Rescue. She was surrendered by some people who used her just for breeding then after she'd had 3 litters in her brief 2 years of age (one every heat cycle) they were tired of her and thankfully did one right thing and gave her to the wonderful people at the rescue. The very first thing they did was get her spayed so that she could be the puppy instead of having them. We had just lost our very beloved Rocky and my husband Les had told me that it hurt so bad he didn't think he could do it again and that Rocky's buddy Dusty would be our only dog. My heart really wanted to give another dog a chance at a good life but I was trying to understand his wishes and accept it. Then one morning he said "come and look at this" pointing at his computer. So I looked over his shoulder and there was a picture of beautiful Rainey - Les said "I just wanted to show you our newest family member"! Then he told me Rainey's story and how he had been talking to Brook Hicks who runs Heeling Hearts and felt that Rainey would be a perfect addition to our family. That was almost exactly a year ago and he was so right - she is keeping Dusty (and us) young with her energetic spirit. We are just crazy about her!"
I thought it only fitting to donate a portion of the sale of Rainey's portrait to Heeling Hearts ACD Rescue.

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