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Friday, January 9, 2009

Painting 3, "Bernie" the Bernese Mountain Dog Painting

Painting 3,"Bernie," 5"x7"x 3/4",
oil on stretched canvas
(sides painted black) (sold)
photo reference: Büşra Merve Özçelik
10% of the proceeds will go directly to
Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Club Rescue
This is an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog named of course "Bernie". It is my 3rd painting for my Painting a Pup a Day Project. The owner is Büşra Merve Özçelik, and her Flickr id is mervecan_156. This is what she wrote about her beloved Bernie:
"My dog is so special for me...I was imagining that breed when ı was 5, and 11 years (later) I got my baby. Now she is my everything ..I am living for her... I really admire her, because of her colours, fur, smile, and so many kinds of things like this."
I just love Bernese Mountain Dogs because their coloring is so interesting. I was shocked to learn that they don't have a very long life span, generally only 7 years. But I would imagine the love they bring into their owner's life makes it well worthwhile to own one!


  1. LARA...I just found this website today..Nov.27,2009. Love the paintings of all the doggies on here. We have owned and loved 3 Bernese Mt Dogs...beloved dogs they were.
    Such GREAT LOVING CALM companions. Our last Berner, Lance...lived to be 12 and 1/2 ...and we were amazed and honored that he was with us that long. Our first one, Deacon..lived nearly 10 years. So...SOME Bernese do make it past that 7 year life expectancy. And it is so wonderful when they do.
    Keep painting the canines !! Keep up your dog rescue advocacy , too. IT'S ALL SO ADMIRABLE.
    Lynne Andrews
    Elmira, New York

  2. Thank you! It's good to hear that some do live longer, although like so many large breeds, I still wish they lived longer, like 25 years! :)