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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Painting a Pup a Day: Maggie, the Boxer...in Progress

I have been currently working on a portrait of a Boxer named Maggie and thought it would be fun to show the stages of this piece so far. I am finding certain breeds that have a smoother coat with shorter fur to be a bit more challenging than breeds with longer fur, but I think Maggie is coming together quite nicely. I generally start off with a loose sketch in paint, block in color, and then go in for the details. I always start with the eyes, and then work from inside out...the nose, mouth, ears, body, and finally the background. I'm hoping to have this piece finished by the end of this week at the latest, so stay tuned! If you would like your dog included in my Painting a Pup a Day project please feel free to send me an email to Loveall4Him@aol.com and I can put you on my current waiting list! 10% of each portrait goes to dog rescue.

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