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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Painting 1, "Solomon" Golden Retriever Oil Painting

Painting 1,"Solomon," 6"x6"x 3/4", oil on stretched canvas(sides painted black)
Inquiries to Loveall4Him@aol.com
photo reference: T. Beth Kinsey (http://fireflyforest.net/firefly/)
10% of the proceeds will go directly to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue

This is the image of my very first painting for my Painting a Pup a Day project. I typically finish my paintings in the evening and was not able to get a good photograph until this morning, so more than likely this will be how my postings will go. I will be uploading a photograph to my Flickr Painting a Pup a Day Group which has grown to some 117 members. Even more photographers have so graciously contributed their photos for this endeavor. A sincere thank you to everyone who has been so generous in uploading their photos to the group and for your encouragement and enthusiasm! This is quite a challenge for me, to try and complete an entire painting a day, and I will be honest I think the only way I will even come close to doing so is by starting one the day before and then finishing it the next day. This year I hope to loosen up my style a bit, add a number of new breeds to my repertoire, and fine tune my skills as a painter. It's an exciting journey for me as an artist and I am humbled that so many are taking the time to follow along.

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