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Friday, September 4, 2009

SPEECHLESS!! Let Me Humbly Introduce You to Akiko Watanabe!

It has been a loonnnggg time since I have been taken so aback, and left literally speechless...& this is what happened to me just a few minutes ago. I received this AMAZING portrait of our Jedha Bugbear in the mail, a complete surprise!, from my super talented fellow artist friend, Akiko Watanabe! The detail she gets in her work is just breathtaking! Every little hair, every little dot on Bugbears nose is captured just perfectly! Amazing!! And she doesn't just paint pups, she is probably even more well known for her beautiful cats and life-like wildlife portraits. I'm more of a dog person (sorry) but she makes me want to like cats :) Thank you SO much Akiko! It is an absolute honor to know such an amazing, yet humble talent, and to call an even more beautiful person my friend! God bless!

(*All Artwork Copyright of Akiko Watanabe (c) 2009)


  1. Love the wolves. BEAUTIFUL.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. What an amazing painting of Jedha! I want to pat him!