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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Currently on My Easel: Kadie, the Westie and Abby & Ivy, Sheltie Sisters

"Kadie," 16"x 20", oil on stretched canvas,
(nfs,private commission)
(in progress)

"Abby & Ivy," 18"x 24", oil on stretched canvas,
$550 (nfs, private commission)

(in progress)
I thought I'd show you what I am currently working on...the funny thing is, these are two of the biggest portraits I've ever done and I'm working on them simultaneously! It is a bit challenging, given the size of these portraits, but I am really enjoying working so large! Stay tuned for further updates this week and of course the grand finale!


  1. I love your work and I love dogs too. What a great subject to paint. The eyes are so expressive.