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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not Ready to Say Goodbye...

My parents Black Lab, Pepper hasn't been eating the past few days & has been getting quite thin. She's been sleeping most of the day as she is 12 now, but I just cannot even 'go there'...none of us are ready to say goodbye to her...we've had her since she was a puppy...I remember the night we got her. She came through the front door like a bullet...so full of life & energy. Our Golden Retriever, Cassie was not at all thrilled that night, but eventually grew to tolerate Pepper & in time they became the best of buddies. We lost Cassie a few years back & our hearts still ache for her...how will we ever let go of our Pepper-pot?...I hate that big dogs don't last as long as the little ones...Small dogs seem to live forever...life just isn't fair. She's been such a good ol' girl. 
(from my Mom): As I lay down beside her, our eyes met w/a special understanding of what our time together has meant. A pup, 4x given away, (no one would give her the ♥ & patience she required), to the strong, bright companion I knew she could become...our lives intertwined. I stroked her head, her tail thumped against the floor,& then she placed her outstretched leg on my shoulder & my eyes welled with tears.

(**she has an appointment with the vet at 10:15am tomorrow...fingers, toes, & paws crossed she comes home...if not she will be going to her Heavenly home.)


  1. I'm so sorry, Lara. I think that losing a beloved pet is the hardest thing in the world. I always say that God got one thing wrong - dogs and cats should live as long as we do. As I watch both my pets age, I am so aware that I cannot go there either. Too hard to contemplate. Thinking of you and your family at this time.


  2. Thank you. . .just so sad today. . .hoping for the best, but knowing it more than likely is 'that time' :((

  3. I am so sorry. Our furry angels always leave us much to soon. Prayers for you, your family and most of all for Pepper. Her love will live on in your hearts.

  4. Thank you <3...trying to stay hopeful...but it may be 'that time'...the years go by way too fast. God bless.

  5. I sometimes think if they lived longer the pain would be so much greater....my thoughts are with you and the family...and of course, 'pup'

  6. I'm so sorry Pepper is ailing. I have a yellow lab I got at 9 months who had been passed around several times. She came to me with Separation Anxiety and still has a little of it. My husband passed about a year ago and the anxiety got worse. She now doesn't want out of my sight. Too bad that people don't realize that labs are high energy and not take one if they can't keep them for life. So sad for the dogs but lucky for us who get them.