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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Someone STEALING my ART!! on Etsy

Artists be aware! The listing below was brought to my attention today, someone on etsy created a listing with MY painting above, asking another artist to COPY!! MY painting but for less money! Can you believe the audacity??! This is beyond copyright infringement and just plain sickening if you ask me! I have contacted etsy & will be checking to make sure this item is removed by this evening at the latest! And how sweet of them to have the deadline on my birthday!

Oil Panting of Westie Atop Vintage Suitcase
posted 6/13/2010 , expires 7/4/2010
I'm looking to buy an oil painting on stretched canvas that is identical (or at least very similar) to this one:


Please let me know in your bid what you would charge for such a piece (the price I have in this listing is just a placeholder since I know everyone's bids will vary greatly) and also what size you are bidding. I am open to any size between 11x14" and 18x24".

The deadline date I listed above is the date by which I would like to have the piece in my hands. I realize this may be a stretch so if it is not possible to finish it by that date I can probably be a little flexible.

In your bid, please include the price to ship the piece to Virginia.

Thanks and I look forward to reviewing your bids!
Materials: oil paint, stretched canvas
Tags: westie, dog, oil painting, canvas

Ideal price: $1.00
Deadline: Jul 19, 2010
Quantity: 1
Ship To: Fairfax, VA 22033
United States

Images: (click to enlarge)


  1. Wow, that is terrible! So sorry, Lara. I am always shocked by the dishonest behavior of some people.


  2. I know! I've reported it to etsy, but someone said that they don't work on the weekends? So this creep could get bids and then try and work with some artist off etsy...unbelievable!

  3. So, I just received an email from this person saying that they are appalled that I am upset??! That they couldn't find a way to buy/commission the painting from me so they looked for other means?...Um, I have an ENTIRE PAGE on my website for COMMISSIONS AND have listings on etsy for commissions...this person is not only a liar, but obviously has no conscience and are putting up a similar listing but without my photo....nice.

  4. That is horrible. I cannot believe someone would do that. I am so sorry.

  5. I know, and they seem to think that this is some sort of joke, well I don't find any humor in it whatsoever!

  6. This is unreal. I have been afraid this type of thing would start happening, as it was rampant on EBAY. Please make sure you report them to ETSY.

  7. I know, I SO hope etsy doesn't turn into ebay :o(....the listing was taken down, but the jerk (sorry) just created another listing without my photo asking for a painting of a Westie on a suitcase...still stealing my idea, but there isn't anything I can do with that...just such a bummer...mean people stink!

  8. ...I just did a Google search - and it seems that they removed it. I hope you got a screen shot of the page to send to etsy.

  9. I'm so sorry. People stink. Hopefully he won't get any takers. People like that make it hard for artists.

  10. Thanks, I know like artists don't already have it difficult!...oh well, such is life I guess.

  11. After reading your post and all the comments, all I can say is, wow. Unbelievable!

  12. I know, I just cannot believe this person...so infuriating, but there's nothing more I can do but make people aware of what goes on sometimes. :o(

  13. This is the new listing the person created:


    so far there are 8 bids! Unfortunately you can't leave comments or I would, but maybe I can look into the forums!

  14. Ok, I started a forum post on etsy here:

    hoping it drums up support & who knows maybe the listing will get removed?

  15. Well, gotta love etsy, they closed my thread in the forums for 'calling out' the member who is basically looking to STEAL MY ARTWORK & they closed the thread...nothing like punishing the victim here! :o(