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Friday, April 10, 2009

Have a Blessed Good Friday!...& Special Thank you!

First of all, let me wish everyone a blessed Good Friday! For Christians this is truly a very special time of reflection and I would just like to take this time to thank God and to thank everyone who has been such a blessing in my life. My family, friends, collectors of my artwork, and many wonderful fellow artists who have been so encouraging, helpful, and supportive!
I would like to send a special thank you to Mrs.DeVincenzo who I am currently working on a commission for of one of her adorable Westie's pictured above (Kadie). Last year we needed to raise a substantial amount of money in order to fly our 2 dogs, both of whom were rescued off the streets of Cairns in Australia, here to Michigan and we could not have done so without the support of so many including Mrs.DeVincenzo. I will always remember her incredible generosity which helped to bring our 2 'boys' home to us in Michigan! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (You can learn more about our dogs by visiting their blog www.aussiedogsupandover.blogspot.com)
I am excited to get started on this piece as it is one of the largest dog paintings I have done thus far and Mrs.DeVincenzo could not have taken a more perfect and endearing shot of her little girl!


  1. Happy Easter, Lara! Thanks for following my blog. It allowed me to find you, and your wonderful work! Liz

  2. I love your "Broadway" pastel and your portraits!People portraits are something I hope to get better at someday, very challenging.For now I focus on the dogs and on occasion some still lifes and portrait studies ;o)

  3. What an adorable Westie and the ref photo is just perfect for Easter! Am looking forward to seeing the finished painting.
    Thank you, Lara, for your visit to my blog and wonderful comments on my painting of Billy.

  4. Thanks Akiko!:o)I have 3 paintings I am currently working on, but have to tackle my taxes first and another trip to the dentist...cannot wait to get back to painting!!

  5. Too cute for words! I look forward to seeing the finished painting.

  6. Stay tuned!As soon as I can get my taxes done I will be back at the easel for sure!